INDEAR is an organized relief network of mental health professionals supporting essential frontline workers in India. The INDEAR initiative is fully staffed by volunteers. Our goal is to connect volunteer mental health professionals with essential workers. Essential workers would include anybody who comes into contact with the public and/or COVID-19 patients as part of their profession, such as doctors, nurses, therapists, police, security personnel, crematorium workers, teachers, bankers, journalists, support staff, volunteers, and any other frontline professional in India who feels they would benefit from psychological first-aid.

Our well-being as frontline workers is essential to our continued functioning as we serve others under difficult circumstances of significant stress, trauma, and grief. Psychological first aid from well-trained professionals can help reduce some of the impact of this stress and trauma and help us be more present with our loved ones and family members. 


We are Indian/South Asian/Non South Asian mental health providers who see how hard you are working during this pandemic. We see you dealing with daily stress, trauma, grief, and loss. We are with you.

*Note: Our individual session sign up is temporarily offline as we reconfigure our system. Please consider accessing other resources on our website, linked below. If you are in need of a session before our system is back up, please do email us at indearinfo@gmail.com. Thank you so much for all your service.

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